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29% of the consultants surveyed by Consultancy.uk indicate that they work less than 40 hours per week, of which 43% are women. 4. Top Consulting Firms by Work/Life Balance. One important dimension of any job is work-life balance. The following list consist of the best consulting firms in the US on work/life balance. The firms are scored and ranked by Vault, using surveys of working consultants, who are allowed to rate only their firm. One key strategic decision to consider, especially if you plan to be in consulting for several years (because in your first year you tend to have much less choice), and you want work life balance is to consider the geographic dispersion of the clients in an industry as it relates to the location of your office.

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The delightful conversation ranges from the topic of work-life balance as a Bain consultant, to wom – Lyssna på S3E2: Women in Consulting, Work-Life  I'm amazed at the balance between working life and social life. I work as a technical consultant for Microsoft ERP and help customers in their digital  Good work-life balance, work culture and work environment. There is independence in work handling. However no carrrer advancement opportunities.

A major portion of advisors work between 36-40 hours per week or 32-36 hours per week.

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6 Consulting Firms That Should Be Top of Your List if You Want Work-Life Balance Share Tweet Share Submit For most high achievers in the consulting field, it’s a dream that may seem impossible to realize: in to work by 9am, out of the office by 5pm. Work / Life Balance (Living, working, and playing at home) The business impacts of the global pandemic are also highly personal.

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Work/Life Balance: 5.0☆.

Culture & Values: 4.0☆. Career Opportunities: 4.0☆. Work/Life Balance: 4.0☆. Job & Company Insights. Job Type: Full-time. Today's consulting firms face increasing competition in the improve their work-life balance and make your consulting firm more responsive. Work-life balance – våra kunder ställer alltid mycket höga krav men med realistiska planer och en affärsmodell som gör att vi fokuserar på resultat snarare än  Compensation & Benefits: 5.0☆.
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To some it means a 40-hour work week, while others may prefer longer hours with the flexibility to set their own schedule. 2018-10-08 · PwC: Work-life balance to me is having the time and flexibility to do the things I love outside of work.

Management Consulting Work-Life Balance One of the common problems in management consulting agencies is the work-life imbalance of its employees. The nature of their job compels them to work for longer hours, a clear indication that there is less time to prioritize the simple pleasures in life. Work-life balance Consulting, like many other industries such as accounting, investment banking and law, is known for the challenging work, high intellectual tasks and attractive benefits. However, a coin always has two sides, and the other side for consultancy is the intense working environment.
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